2017–New Year, More Farm!

Of course, we have TONS planned for the farm this year. We’ve decided to offer a new service with our rabbits. We are now selling them as feed for snakes. Our rabbits are producing more than we can consume ourselves, and we’ve been selling to friends for awhile, why not take it to the next step? If you’re interested, please contact us–we’d love to add you to our customer list!

My garden has grown about 3-fold, allowing us to grow so much more than last year. I’m so excited to be gardening on such a larger scale. I’m also going to try my hand at year-round gardening this winter. (Greens and garlic, y’all.)  All this extra produce means I’m going to be canning A LOT more. Pickles, relishes, salsas, sauces and more! It’ll be lots of work, but with a majorly yummy pay off!

As if that wasn’t enough farm awesomeness, we are putting in almost all of the rest of the orchard this winter. Five mulberries, 4 apples, 3 peaches, 2 goji berries, and a pear tree. We might not have partridges, but we DID add 3 more female Muscovies to our duck population. And that’s all just on the living side of the farm. I haven’t even started with all the buildings and fences going up (and in) this year!

Check out all that garden planning & seed awesome!
That little bundle is full of new trees for the orchard and around the farm. Yay!

Happy Farming y’all!


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