Meet the Animals


Jenny-A roan colored donkey, she is the first donkey we’ve milked on the farm.
Red-Jenny’s little jack, he is also the biggest snuggler.
Dixie-Our Dixie girl is halter broke, lead broke, and broke to ride (although we haven’t yet). She is a sweet love, and stands guard over Biscuit.
Biscuit-Our lone mini-donk, Sweet Biscuit has the biggest personality. But, she loves kids & lets Abby hang all over her.
Jackson-My breeding jack is a big mama’s boy. He’s always got kisses and snuggles for me, not so much for Jesse.

Dude-My Dominique rooster.

Delphina-Delphina is one of our American Guinea Hog sows. She is an amazing mom, always taking great care of her piglets-even when they annoy her.

Charlotte-Charlotte is our other AGH sow. She has the sweetest disposition.

Thor-Thor is our AGH boar. Boars tend to have a reputation for being aggressive, but Thor is mama’s baby. He loves to have his belly rubbed and whines for attention when he sees me.
Muscovy Ducks-We’ve replaced our turkeys with ducks. Our blue male is Zoolander with his ladies, Matilda, Ella, Hattie, & Olive.
Aurora-Aurora is a Checkered Giant/Beveren cross.
Belle-Belle is a Californian/White New Zealand Cross.
Merida-Merida is a Red New Zealand, and one of the best moms we have. She has quite the attitude and only tolerates certain humans (mainly me).
Prince Charming-Charming is our White New Zealand Buck. With all the princess in the rabbit kingdom, he is a very lucky guy! 😉